MEGLIO - Lo Sgrassatore

House cleaning might be just boring and tedious duty, but it doesn’t have to. How to make it right? Engage Meglio degreaser and your family to turn cleaning into a wild, wild fun.

Meglio is an Italian, universal degreaser, so in our commercial we invited consumers to truly spaghetti western  world. Coyotes, Indians, cowboys and cowgirls, morriconesque tunes, shootings and motorbike – all of these to present the quality of our product. Because Meglio (literally in Italian, and in general) means the best.

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Client: Meglio
Agency: tdy. Today
Creative Director: Dominik Tomasik
Art Director: Mateusz Reiss
Copywriter: Jakub Kiraga

Client Service: Przemek Jędryczkowski
Director: Kuba Michalczuk
DOP: Kajetan Plis

Production House: Graffiti Films

+ experience

2019-21 Havas Warsaw - Art Director
2018-19 TDY today - Art Director
2017-18 Grandes Kochonos - Art Director
2016-17 BBDO Warsaw - Art Director
2014-16 Publicis Worldwide - Art Director
2013-14 GoldenSubmarine - Graphic designer,
New Media Ventures - Graphic designer

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