Mercedes Truck x Lis Kula
︎ Client: Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Every year, Mercedes-Benz Trucks Poland prepares one of its trucks as a demonstration car (Show Truck) which is presented at motoring events. 

An independent polish ad agency – Grandes Kochonos Digital has decided to rearrange the exterior of the car in a futuristic-cosmic convention, highlighting the technological advancement of the Mercedes-Benz Actros. The starting point for the artist involved in the project – Alek Morawski aka Lis Kula – was the name of the cabin – Giga Space. "The great beasts in space" created by the artist symbolize not only the space of the car, but also the power that it hides under its hood. The whole project was made using spray paint (as a primer) and acrylic based markers (for details).


Client: Mercedes-Benz Trucks
Agency: Grandes Kochonos
Director: Mateusz Reiss
Art Director: Mateusz Reiss
Client Service: Krzysztof Żukowski
Illustrator: Alek Morawski, Lis Kula
DOP: Mariusz Sieńko

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2019-21 Havas Warsaw - Art Director
2018-19 TDY today - Art Director
2017-18 Grandes Kochonos - Art Director
2016-17 BBDO Warsaw - Art Director
2014-16 Publicis Worldwide - Art Director
2013-14 GoldenSubmarine - Graphic designer,
New Media Ventures - Graphic designer

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