Mirinda - Two headed guy

When consumers didn't know which of the two new unique Mirinda flavors is actually better, we really needed someone to help them make a decision. Someone with great wits, good looks and never-ending dispute with himself about which flavor is better.

So...meet The Two Headed Guy!


Client: PepsiCo
Agency: BBDO Warsaw
Director: Justin Reardon
Creative Director: Kamil Redestowicz
Copywriter: Michał Włodarczyk
Art Director: Mateusz Reiss
Production: Moon Films
Post-production: TELEVISOR

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2019-21 Havas Warsaw - Art Director
2018-19 TDY today - Art Director
2017-18 Grandes Kochonos - Art Director
2016-17 BBDO Warsaw - Art Director
2014-16 Publicis Worldwide - Art Director
2013-14 GoldenSubmarine - Graphic designer,
New Media Ventures - Graphic designer

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